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Floor Rugs Westwood, MO. The addition of a floor rug is one of the quickest, easiest ways to give your living room, office, or bedroom a new look. Rugs by Saga has the widest selection of top-tier Oriental floor rugs in the St. Louis area. Our floor rugs are durable, resilient and highlight distinct design patterns that turn heads. Rugs by Saga is your best pick for floor rugs in Greater St. Louis. We offer an unmatched collection of Persian, Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, Oriental, Transitional, and Modern floor rugs in all shapes and sizes.

Call us now at 636-227-8555 or contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our floor rug specialists. We also provide customers with in-home evaluations of our floor rugs. Bringing one of our exemplary floor rugs into your home or office gives you a preferable, more thorough perspective of the floor rug’s subtleties and intricacies in hue, color, and overall design.

Rugs by Saga is your Westwood, MO and St. Louis area store for the top selection of floor rugs. We launched in 2001 with an easy, yet attainable, goal: to furnish the best customer service in floor rugs at the best value. Collaborating with prime floor rug designers in the Middle East we bring in hand-picked, handmade and hand-knotted floor rugs, ensuring only the finest in quality.

Our Selection of Premium Floor Rugs in Westwood, MO

Rugs by Saga is the paramount supplier of floor rugs in Metro St. Louis. Each floor rug in our inventory has its own unique story. While the buying process of exquisite floor rugs may seem formidable or difficult, it isn’t. Let us assist. Purchasing Oriental floor rugs is attune to purchasing art that fills your home with charm that you will admire each day. Stop in Rugs by Saga and talk to one of our floor rug professionals today. Buy the floor rugs you gravitate toward; the ones that speak to you. Our collection includes:

floor-rugs-Westwood-MO | Rugs by Saga Floor Rugs Westwood, MO | Westwood, MO Floor Rugs from Rugs by Saga near Westwood, MO

In addition to our popular floor rugs, we offer our Westwood, MO neighbors the following:

Authentic Floor Rugs for Your Westwood, MO Home or Office

There is no better bargain than purchasing floor rugs you love from an honest floor rug store. There are so many phony and dishonest “bargains,” like a “Seized Customs Auction” or, our favorite, the old reliable, “Going Out of Business” sale. These types of sales are rubbish; the stores just want you to get in the doors so that they can get you boxed in and fabricate stuff to sell you flimsy, junk rugs. Rugs by Saga is not that kind of place. Call us at 636-227-8555 or contact us and let us prove it.

A floor rug is commensurate with the ingredients and know-how that went into designing and making it. We are built on authenticity and quality, and our floor rugs demonstrate that. We will exhibit how the knot count — KPSI (knots per square inch) — the silk, cotton, and wool used, and the dyeing materials equate to a top-of-the-line floor rug. Almost all of the floor rugs in our showroom are made using the best vegetable dyes, which combine a mineral mordant and a plant extract to create permanent color and won’t bleed.

Our handmade floor rugs accentuate several distinguishable components that machine-made floor rugs cannot match, including:

  • Consistent, lucid patterns on both sides of the Westwood, MO floor rugs.
  • Large, rigid fringe knots on all the outside edges of the Westwood, MO floor rugs.
  • Strong materials like wool, organic silk, and cotton used as well grounded foundations for Westwood, MO floor rugs.

Machine-made floor rugs include broken patterns with dyes that bleed, artificially-set fringe knots, and are mostly made out of cheap polyester materials. Make sure you only purchase the best handmade floor rugs from Rugs by Saga.

Some examples of the unique, handmade and hand-knotted floor rugs hanging in our showroom include:

Finding the Ideal Floor Rugs for Your Home or Office in St. Louis | Rugs by Saga of Greater St. Louis

We realize that the ideal floor rug can absolutely tie your living room, office, or bedroom together and evoke the room’s character. Floor rugs bolster sophistication, style, and color to any room and help highlight your unique, creative personality. We look forward to seeing you in our store — browsing for the best in floor rugs — or in your home, office, or event space.

Best of all, we offer free installation and delivery to any office, home, or event space in the Greater St. Louis area. Contact us or give us a call at 636-227-8555 today to plan your sales consultation or learn more about the fascinating world of premier floor rugs.

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