Pakistani Area Rugs

Peshawar rugs are woven in northern Pakistan, very close to the Afghan border. The region is not a traditional rug producing center. Part of the reasons is the political situation in Afghanistan since September 11, 2001.

Nearly all Afghan rugs are produced in Peshawar. That is, they are washed, clipped, stretched. Afghan weavers who have lived and worked in Pakistan for the last several years, however, are beginning to return home. It will clearly take some time to re-establish in Kabul what is up and running in Peshawar today. Production of Peshawar rugs is thus contemporary rather than historic.

On the one hand, Peshawar rugs continue many rug making traditions of Central Asia. On the other, they also incorporate modern elements into classical motifs. Peshawar also produces good quality rugs in traditional Central Asian and Persian styles. Peshawar rugs are exclusive and are often distinguished by their exquisite use of 100% natural vegetable dyes & marvelous craftsmanship.

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