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Almost all of our Pakistani area rugs are hand-woven in Peshawar close to the Afghani border. Due to conflicts, almost all of the rugs produced by Pakistan are from Peshawar and have been since 9/11. They're typically made by Afghan weavers who have lived and worked in Pakistan for several years.

The situation in the Mid-East contributes to the unique nature of modern Pakistani area rugs. They are considered contemporary instead of historic. The weavers incorporate modern elements while instilling classic techniques and motifs. You will recognize a Pakistani area rug by their marvelous craftsmanship and 100 percent natural vegetable dyes. Please contact Rugs By Saga in St. Louis to learn more about our selection of Pakistani area rugs.

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The people who weave Pakistani rugs continue a rich history of Central Asian manufacturing. While modern, the Peshawar rugs we showcase are exclusive. You can reach out to us today here or visit our showroom in Ballwin for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Area Rugs From Pakistan

Rugs By Saga is the premier provider of Pakistani rugs in the Metro St. Louis area. We pride ourselves on helping customers and interior designers select rugs that pull a room together. After all, rugs are an investment, and they’re more than just a functional piece of furniture. They’re art, and we ensure that our rugs are authentic and hand-made. Contact us for more information about our hand-knotted Pakistani area rugs.

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