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Afghani area rugs are among the most recognizable rugs in the world. Hand-knotted, the actual making of these rugs is usually passed down generation to generation. You can see this reflected in the intricate and sturdy weave. Rugs By Saga has a wide selection of Afghani area rugs at our Ballwin location and are here to help homeowners and interior designers make the best decorative decisions.

Woven Afghani (and Pakistani) rugs are valued for their "washed out" appearance and interesting patterns. These rugs are easily identified by their simple color scheme, and the colors are blended and washed to resemble an antique piece. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of Afghani area rugs.

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A lot of these rugs may say "Made in Pakistan," which is a common misconception. Often, Afghani weaves are made in Afghanistan and shipped over the border to be sold and exported from Pakistan. It's can be difficult to tell where certain rugs come from, and it's important to find a rug expert who can help. Feel free to contact the Afghani area rug experts at Rugs By Saga for more information. We have the best area rug selection in St. Louis and look forward to you visiting our store.

Area Rugs From Afghanistan

Rugs By Saga is one of the largest providers of Afghani area rugs in the Metro St. Louis area. We pride ourselves on helping interior designers and homeowners find the best rug for the right space. We also allow our customers to test out their rugs before buying them. Please reach out to speak to one of our Afghani area rug experts to learn more about how we can help you get the perfect authentic Afghani area rug.

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