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Oriental Rugs in St. Louis. Oriental rugs lend a classic look and feel to any room they are placed in, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between an authentic and machine-made rug. If you are looking for authentic Oriental rugs in St. Louis that are 100% handmade, woven from the finest materials, and colored with vibrant, natural dyes, Rugs By Saga's showroom features a range of luxury rugs from around the globe for you to choose from. Every rug in our showroom is hand-selected, using a complex authenticity test, to ensure the utmost quality.

Rugs By Saga's commitment to delivering high-quality oriental rugs is unwavering and makes Rugs By Saga the leading provider of authentic oriental rugs in the Greater St. Louis Area. Coupled with remarkable service, in-home consultations, and complimentary delivery, there's no question that Rugs By Saga is the perfect place for you to find the perfect oriental rug. If you are ready to explore our selection of quality oriental rugs in St. Louis, call or contact Rugs By Saga at 636-227-8555, or drop by our rug showroom today.

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How Can You Tell If an Oriental Rug is Authentic?

The differences between an authentic oriental rug and a machine-made rug might seem minuscule to the untrained eye, but our rug specialists know that there are three main things to look at when selecting a handmade oriental rug: fringe, material, and pattern. Authentic oriental rugs are woven from natural, luxurious materials such as cotton, wool, and silk, while machine-made rugs are made out of affordable materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic-based fabrics.

When searching for an oriental rug, it's essential to keep in mind that the fringe on a handmade rug likely won't be symmetrical. Handwoven rugs feature knots of varying sizes on the back of the rug that came from a continual thread the weaver used when making the rug's fringe. The fringe on machine-made rugs is often glued on, too "perfect" looking, and over time, will begin to fall apart. Authentic oriental rugs, on the other hand, can last for decades with proper care.

Oriental rugs are known for their vibrant, intricate patterns. When trying to spot the difference between a handmade rug and a machine-made product, you should pay attention to a rug's design pattern. Machine-made oriental rugs will feature the pattern on the front of a rug, but authentic oriental rugs will have a pattern displayed on both sides of a rug. Handmade rugs are colored using natural, rich-hued dyes that bleed through on both sides of a product -- the top of the rug will be vibrant, while the hues of the back are more subdued.

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Oriental rugs can transform a space and lend an air of timelessness, regardless of a room's existing theme. If you are looking for an oriental rug in St. Louis, but aren't sure what style you want, our rug specialists can help you pick a style that suits your space and personality.

The difference between Rugs By Saga and other oriental rug stores in St. Louis is the attention to detail and dedication of our specialists. Our rug specialists are highly knowledgeable in many different styles of oriental rugs and can provide you with information on each of the different types of rugs displayed in our showroom, including the following styles of oriental rugs:

If you can't find a rug that you like in our showroom, our specialists are always looking for new pieces to add to our collection and will do everything in their power to find the perfect oriental rug to suit your space. Below are some examples of our oriental rugs in St. Louis, MO:

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Why should you choose Rugs By Saga for oriental rugs? Our showroom features one of the largest collections of oriental rugs in Missouri, and our passion for quality is boundless. Our Ballwin rug store has served Missouri residents for over 20 years and is continually looking for ways to ensure that every experience in our showroom is exceptional. If you are ready to explore our selection of hand-knotted, authentic oriental rugs in St. Louis, MO, call or contact Rugs By Saga today to speak with one of our luxury rug specialists.

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