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Throughout the centuries, India has excelled at producing the finest rugs, carpets, and textiles. Rugs By Saga stock authentic, hand-made Indian area rugs. Indian rugs are notable for their vibrant colors and how global culture shifts and trade have evolved their elaborate styles. Feel free to contact Rugs By Saga today to discuss our inventory and learn more about Indian area rugs.

Rugs can last decades and generations if taken care of properly, and have the ability to tie a room together. The Indian rugs at our Ballwin location run from antique and traditional to modern, giving our customers a wide variety of options.

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India is a major exporter of area rugs with nearly 98 percent of their products sold around the world. The two main categories are finely and extremely-finely woven, both of which are just as well-made as their Iranian counterparts at a fairer price. Contact Rugs By Saga today to learn more about our selection of Indian area rugs or visit our St. Louis location.

Area Rugs From India

At Rugs By Saga, we pride ourselves at providing the best selection of Indian area rugs in the Metro St. Louis area. We also allow our customers to try our rugs in their homes before making a final purchasing decision. Feel free to contact us to talk to an expert in Indian rugs to learn more about our selection and to decide which Indian area rug is the best fit in your home.

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