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Home Decor Kirkwood, MO. Home decor is the art of making your home look nice. One aesthetic component consistently minimized or, perhaps long forgotten, misplaced in the dusty catacombs of the Halls of Home Decor, is a rug. At Rugs by Saga we understand the duality of rugs — they not only magnify the beauty of your Kirkwood, MO home and its decor, but also serve as practical solutions such as supplying warmth.

Rugs are an absolute automatic for home decor. Stop by our store near Kirkwood, MO, and let our home decor specialists help you find the best, stylish rug to balance the decor in any room or event space. Rugs by Saga serves you, making the rug and home decor perusing and purchasing procedure as simple as possible. We offer complimentary, in-home trials, in addition to delivery and installation, anywhere in the Kirkwood, MO region.

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Home Decor Kirkwood, MO | Kirkwood, MO Area Home Decoration | Rugs by Saga

Kirkwood, MO Home Decor at Rugs by Saga: How Can Rugs Boost Home Decor?

Often the unsung hero of home decor, rugs define rooms effortlessly. They soften footfall, absorb noise, and are excellent internal insulators, in turn cutting down heating bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating is responsible for nearly 50 percent of the average Kirkwood, MO household utility bill. Further studies have shown that a home can lose 10-20 percent of its heat through uninsulated flooring.

Functionality aside, rugs can additionally entirely transform a space in Kirkwood, MO, by melding color schemes and adding texture, dimension, and statement-making panache and sophistication. Interior designers rarely pass on the chance to boost home decor by utilizing an Oriental area rug or a runner from our showroom. Our rugs establish boundaries and define zones, delineating spaces solely dedicated to rest and relaxation. Interior designers in Kirkwood, MO constantly boast that rugs are more than simply utilitarian pieces, they are necessary elements of home decor.

When combined with a minimalist style, a rug boasting a colorful, patterned design can bring out accent colors in other, background elements of home decor and introduce a hint of playfulness. On the flip side, a Persian or Afghani rug from Rugs by Saga can boost the gravitas and subtle solemnity in any home decor in Kirkwood, MO.

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In addition to home decor, Rugs by Saga offers the following for our Kirkwood, MO customers:

Kirkwood, MO Home Decor at Rugs by Saga: Tips For Enhancing Home Decor With Rugs

Our home decor experts near Kirkwood, MO, have decades of experience collaborating with top designers to bring beauty into customers’ spaces while making the customer experience simple and enjoyable. Some of their tips for using Rugs by Saga’s handmade rugs to boost your home decor in Kirkwood, MO:

  • Use Rugs to Define Areas
  • Use a rug to define or separate areas, like relaxing or eating areas, and foyers. This is especially beneficial in home decor for Kirkwood, MO studio apartments or for larger rooms that ask for definition in Kirkwood, MO.

  • Create Variety
  • You can use our hand knotted rugs to create a mixture in your Kirkwood, MO home decor for any given space. When you use two rugs in a room, be aware that same-sized rugs can visually cut the room in two. Use varying sizes of rugs to make a sense of variety in home decor.

  • Create Harmony
  • When utilizing more than one rug in Kirkwood, MO, the home decor professionals at Rugs by Saga found that it’s beneficial that the rugs complement each other in style. If not, you will end up with clashing and troublesome effects. Too many battling patterns in home decor will do away with any semblance of balance.

  • Get Ideas For a Color Scheme
  • Speak with the home decor specialists at Rugs by Saga near Kirkwood, MO. Allow them to pick out a favored rug as the foundation of the color scheme in a room. On the other hand, if you add it after you have furnishings and the rest of the home decor in place, you can utilize the rug to accent or combine your existing colors.

  • Control the Volume
  • Utilize a rug to visually soften or crank up the volume on Kirkwood, MO home decor as necessary. If your upholstery, paint, or wallpaper has an elaborate pattern, choose a rug, and accompanying home decor, that is more precise. When walls and upholstery are mostly subdued, you can employ a louder pattern or stronger variations of home decor to add more attentiveness in the room.

  • Create a Focal Point
  • Use a Rugs by Saga lively colored rug as the focal point of your space in Kirkwood, MO, as rugs make a notable impact, particularly when enhancing home decor. To accomplish this, create contrast in home decor styles by painting your Kirkwood, MO walls a hue that reflects one of your rug’s accent colors.

  • Dress Up a Wall
  • Utilize a rug as a wall hanging as another way to display a rug as home decor, or to set a focal point. According to the George Washington University Museum, there are a variety of ways to accomplish this, depending upon the size, weight, and condition of your piece.

  • Play Around With Shapes
  • Don’t assume that a rug has to be rectangular. At Rugs by Saga, our home decor pros love circular- and square-shaped rugs. Allow the way you arrange your furniture and other home decor in Kirkwood, MO, dictate the shape of your rug. We have a large inventory of shapes and sizes in our showroom near Kirkwood, MO, that supplements any home decor.

  • Update a Room
  • Change out rugs, pillows, and other home decor to amend a room for altering seasons in Kirkwood, MO, or as a way to introduce new color trends.

Home Decor Kirkwood, MO | Kirkwood, MO Area Home Decor | Rugs by Saga

Kirkwood, MO Home Decor at Rugs by Saga: Some Examples of Our Rugs Apt For Enhancing Home Decor

Handmade and hand knotted from only the highest quality materials, our rugs augment color, style, and sophistication to any home decor. Some examples of the distinctive Oriental rugs included in our showroom near Kirkwood, MO are:

  • Afghani Rugs
  • These are some of the most recognizable rugs in the world. The process of hand-knotting rugs has been passed down from generation to generation for all of us near Kirkwood, MO to enjoy.

  • Indian Rugs
  • These rugs are finely woven and made with the highest quality materials. Indian rugs feature bold colors and are often extremely large, perfect for enhancing your home decor in Kirkwood, MO.

  • Modern Rugs
  • Modern rugs take inspiration from both traditional and contemporary sources, bringing scalability to its fullest. We keep a variety of colors, sizes, and styles of modern rugs near Kirkwood, MO.

  • Pakistani Rugs
  • You will surely recognize one of our Pakistani rugs by the marvelous craftsmanship and completely natural vegetable dyes. Almost all of our Pakistani rugs are made in Peshawar close to the Afghanistan border, selected by our specialists, and passed along to you in Kirkwood, MO.

  • Persian Rugs
  • These are some of the most coveted rugs in the world, especially by interior designers near Kirkwood, MO. The craftsmanship of the rugs made in this area are next to none, and some take over three years to complete.

  • Transitional Rugs
  • These rugs also meld traditional and contemporary styles. We carry a large selection of transitional rugs, to ensure that the one you buy meets your needs in Kirkwood, MO.

The Best in Home Decor Near Kirkwood, MO | Rugs by Saga

Rugs by Saga applauds having proficient and knowledgeable home decor professionals near Kirkwood, MO, who know the ideal rug that ties a room together. They have the attention to detail and commitment our Kirkwood, MO customers warrant when attempting to select the ideal home decor. Our talented team members have dedicated their livelihoods to your customer service experience — delivering beauty into your living space in Kirkwood, MO, while making the whole procedure simple and enjoyable. Our staff of professionals appreciates hand-selecting rugs and home decor to your specifications.

Read what some of our Kirkwood, MO customers felt about their home decor shopping experience in their reviews and testimonials. We work hard so that you will keep coming back.

As Kirkwood, MO’ premier home decor and rug store, we pride ourselves on old fashioned customer service, where complimentary in-home consultations are done daily. Reach out to us or give us a call at 636-227-8555 now to schedule your sales consultation or learn more about the intriguing world of home decor and Oriental rugs.

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