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Large Rugs Lake St. Louis, MO. A large, empty room may seem cumbersome and uncomfortable, a little daunting to design at first. But think about it – it’s an empty canvas. A clean slate. An opportunity to show off your creativity lurks, hangs around every corner and dark space. Every inch calls for something, anything to fill it – color, lines, shapes, light, and contrast. These types of rooms, and countless others in the Lake St. Louis, MO area, are begging for large rugs from Rugs by Saga.

Large rugs help keep the design of your big space consistent in Lake St. Louis, MO. They deafen echoes from bouncing off the walls, provide a frame of sorts for any elegant furniture or art you might want to showcase, and procure warmth from the fireplace to keep the remainder of the room from feeling cold. Large rugs also help improve insulation and diminish your Lake St. Louis, MO heating bill.

Rugs by Saga has large rugs in almost every style we offer in our showroom near Lake St. Louis, MO, including:

Call our large rug specialists today at 636-227-8555 or reach out to us online. Our team is here to assist throughout the processing of picking the ideal large rug for your space. We supply free in-home trials, along with no-cost delivery and installation in Lake St. Louis, MO and throughout Greater St. Louis.

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What Size is Considered a Large Rug in Lake St. Louis, MO?

Standard-sized large rugs normally run at least 8’x10’ or 9’x12’. We have several rugs in 12’x18’ and even 20’x20’ sizes in stock near Lake St. Louis, MO. We make sure our entire inventory of large rugs is of the highest quality and authenticity. We maintain great relationships with the top rug designers in the world, and collaborate with them to hand-select the finest large rugs with:

These large rugs can be used to create a space of its own in the center of your Lake St. Louis, MO room, and use the borders for shelves, side tables, or art. But, considering the room’s size, you can also take a large rug to the side to help integrate any unique extensions with the remainder of the space. Large rugs can act as a comprehensive connector to leave no corner behind.

Along with our popular large rugs, which are available in many styles, Rugs by Saga offers:

Where Do I Put a Large Rug in My Lake St. Louis, MO Big Room?

Large rugs don’t always have to go in the center of your Lake St. Louis, MO big room. Think about where you want the action to take place, or where you want a visitor’s eyes to go. What do you consider to be the centerpiece of the room? Is there a seating area with couches?

Large and oversized rugs work well under a light fixture, with a bright spotlight on their colorful design. They can be a resting spot for your king-sized bed, host a baby grand piano near the bay window, or offer a warm, comfortable place to flop by the fireplace. Or just a spot to just be. The possibilities are truly endless in your Lake St. Louis, MO home. Imagine your large rug is a frame, and search for the perfect picture to put inside it. Our large rugs specialist is always willing to provide assistance with your picture, or with the surrounding decor, to make sure you are happy with the aesthetic in Lake St. Louis, MO.

Give us a call today at 636-227-8555 or reach out to us to schedule a free consultation with one of our large rug experts or with any questions.

Do I Have to Use a Large Rug For That Cavernous, Empty Space in Lake St. Louis, MO?

You don’t always have to use large rugs in huge spaces, but they frequently work best in such rooms. A large rug in the center of your Lake St. Louis, MO room doesn’t necessarily cover all the corners, either. You’ll still have some space left over. But space doesn’t always need to be overcrowded, either. Sometimes empty space provides just as much pleasure as materials.

Take in the size of your Lake St. Louis, MO room or office by literally measuring its dimensions. Then take simply a step back from its overall footprint in the size of the rug you look for in our store. One of our 9x12 Afghani rugs, as an example, works ideally as the style footing for your rooms that are anywhere from 1 foot to a few feet larger in each direction of the rectangle. And, no need to worry, Rugs by Saga has large, square rugs for your Lake St. Louis, MO spaces that aren’t rectangular.

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My Bedrooms Are Carpeted, Can I Layer a Large Rug in Lake St. Louis, MO?

A large, already carpeted space comes with welcoming encouragement to dabble with designs in Lake St. Louis, MO. If you have a monochromatic carpet, one of our large Transitional or Persian rugs can provide your Lake St. Louis, MO floor with multiple colors and an intricate design to make that large corridor of space seem less exhausting. Why not add a large, fluffy rug, if your existing carpet is flat, in order to bring about a softer, voluptuous texture by your bed or to your seating area?

In addition to our selection of large rugs, Rugs by Saga also has an extensive collection of runners and area rugs near Lake St. Louis, MO. These can tinker with neutral tones that your existing carpet might already have, but then provide splashes of color and a resting spot for the eyes to concentrate on. Feel free to visit our conveniently located showroom near Lake St. Louis, MO, reach out to us, or call 636-227-8555. Our luxury rug store has a large inventory, featuring something for everyone in Lake St. Louis, MO.

The Home of Large Rugs For Your Home in Lake St. Louis, MO | Rugs by Saga

No matter where they are from, whether it be India or Pakistan or anywhere in between, our large rugs make a statement. Each large rug featured in our showroom near Lake St. Louis, MO has a story, and each one is intricately handwoven using the best materials. The process of weaving large rugs has been passed down from generation to generation.

We can trace the majority of our large rugs back to ancient dynasties, including Persia’s Safavid, and religious influences like Zoroastrianism and Islam. And our large rug specialists near Lake St. Louis, MO are happy to pass along the history of each piece to you.

For the best in Lake St. Louis, MO large rugs, call us today at 636-227-8555 or contact us online.

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