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Pakistani Rugs in Olivette, MO. If you are looking for a Pakistani rug for your office or home, but are still on the lookout for one that fits your decor, Rugs by Saga has an exceptional selection of artisan-crafted Pakistani rugs in Olivette, MO. Our Pakistani rugs are special, and authentically verified by our in-house rug experts. Each rug in our showroom has been hand-picked and tested for authenticity, and is guaranteed to be the finest quality.

With so many genuine Oriental rugs to select from, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited to your room. If you are running into issues choosing, our rug specialists know all about various varieties of luxury rugs, including Persian and Pakistani rugs, and are always pleased to assist you in choosing the perfect rug for your Olivette home or office. We offer free in-home consultations to get a better idea of your home's decor and to help find the best rug to complement your room. Pakistani rugs are held in high regard for their bold, intricate patterns and rich colors, but every rug has its own characteristics. Our genuine Pakistani rugs are hand-knotted and high-quality, and when you purchase a rug from our Olivette, MO rug showroom, you can be positive that you are getting a unique piece. For more information on our Pakistani rugs in Olivette, MO, call (636) 227-8555 or contact our rug specialists today to schedule an appointment to stop by our showroom.

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Our premium rug showroom highlights the best quality Pakistani rugs in Olivette, MO. Our Pakistani rugs are timeless and hand-crafted, and with proper care, can last for many years into the future. During your consultation with our rug specialists, they'll talk about what you want from an Oriental rug, and offer a selection of hand-knotted Pakistani rugs for you to pick from. Our showroom has a variety of genuine Pakistani rugs, from entry-way rugs to area rugs, and can be placed in many different settings, including your office, living room, bedroom, or even an event space. If you are ready to experience our unmatched selection of genuine Pakistani rugs in Olivette, MO, contact our rug experts today to schedule a free consultation.

Rug-making in the country now known as Pakistan has been a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Afghani and Mughal rulers brought their weaving styles and tastes when they ruled the region in the 1500s, and many of these designs are still popular to this day. Pakistani carpets, or qaleens, were some of the original rugs imported to Europe and have long been known for the quality of their weaving and recognizable, colorful designs. Rugs from the Punjab and Peshawar regions are particularly notable: Punjabi carpets are known for more geometric designs influenced by Mughal and Indian architecture, while rugs from the latter region often have detailed floral patterns. In recent years, growing immigration from nearby Afghanistan has also not only strengthened the quality and diversity of Pakistani rugs exported around the world, but also introduced new design features and trends.

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Rugs by Saga has been the leading seller of Pakistani rugs in Olivette for more than two decades. Our hand-knotted, authentic Pakistani rugs are high-quality, and are certain to be the center of any space. Our rug specialists understand the importance of offering an outstanding selection for our Olivette, MO patrons to choose from, and back the quality of every one of our pieces - from hand-made Indian rugs to hand-knotted Pakistani rugs, our Olivette luxury rug showroom has everything.

Our rug consultants also recognize that buying an imported area rug is a major decision. You not only desire a rug that will be distinctive, eye-catching, and emblematic of your own unique taste, but also one that will be a valued addition to your space for long into the future. To this end, we offer free consultations at your residence so that we can get to know you, what you desire in a rug, and what would be the best option for your particular room. We also have a free in-home trial offering, letting you experience how a rug fits into your style and take note of notable characteristics such as pile depth and feel. Once you decide which imported Pakistani rug suits you best, Rugs by Saga will deliver it to your Olivette home and install it for free.

If you are considering buying a Pakistani rug in Olivette, MO, but don't know how to choose one, our rug specialists are eager to assist you. Our rug specialists are excited to get to know our patrons, and pride themselves on being sympathetic to each client's desires, so that you can find the luxury rug you've been looking for. Our Olivette showroom features the following types of Oriental rugs from around the world:

Our Oriental rugs are heirlooms, and our Pakistani rugs are no exception. If you are searching for a premium Pakistani rug in Olivette, MO, our Pakistani rugs are remarkable and elegant. Below are some examples of the Pakistani rugs that are on display in the Rugs by Saga showroom:

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If you are looking for a Pakistani rug in Olivette, MO, our hand-knotted Pakistani rugs at Rugs by Saga are premium quality and elegant. Our rugs are personally curated, unique, and verified authentic by our Oriental rug experts. Our number one goal at Rugs by Saga is to ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with your luxury rug purchase, which is why our professionals will take time to take you through our showroom, discuss on each rug's origin, and ensure that the right rug is chosen to fit your needs. Not sure how a particular Pakistani rug or Indian rug will look in your home? Rugs by Saga provides free in-home trials, delivery, and installation for all our Olivette clients. For more information on how our Olivette, MO rug professionals can help you on your way to purchase a Pakistani rug in Olivette, MO, call (636) 227-8555 or contact Rugs by Saga today to schedule a consultation.

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