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Persian Rugs in Arnold, MO. If you are thinking about buying a Persian rug in Arnold, look no further than Rugs by Saga and our vast inventory of authentic rugs. When you buy a rug from our luxury rug store, the quality and authenticity of our rugs is guaranteed. Our rug professionals know that there is a perfect rug out there for each space in your house, and that not everyone is aware of the vast history of Persian rugs. The first time that you meet with our knowledgable rug dealers, they'll talk about your wants and needs, take you around our showroom, and help you find the ultimate rug for your home or office.

Our Persian rugs are 100% authentic, and when given good care, can last for years to come. If you are looking for artisanal Persian rugs in Arnold, MO, contact Rugs by Saga for more information on our complimentary consultation, delivery, and installation services today, or call 636-227-8555 to book an appointment to stop by our showroom and meet with one of our rug professionals.

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Our Arnold Oriental rug store stocks luxury rugs from different nations that are hand-crafted, authentic, and hand-picked by our knowledgeable rug dealers. The Rugs By Saga gallery offers one of the most complete selections of Persian rugs in the Arnold, MO area, and the quality of each and every one of our rugs is guaranteed. Our intelligent rug dealers know that you desire a stunning and eye-catching Persian rug for your office or home, so they are here to help you find the perfect rug to fit your needs. Our handmade, luxury rugs are timeless pieces that are sure to catch the eye in your Arnold home's office, den, or bedroom, and should be selected with your space's distinctive style and the rug's special qualities in mind.

Carpet-making in the nation now called Iran has a heritage and stature so notable, it has been declared an "intangible part of cultural heritage" by the United Nations. There are records of ancient Greek historians and writers describing Persian rugs as luxury items in famous texts like Homer's Odyssey. Archaeologists have unearthed Persian rugs at dig sites that were produced in the 5th century B.C., and more importantly show some of the traditional details of Persian rugs that you can enjoy today. Details like deep and symmetrical pile, intricate designs, and vivid colors define Persian rugs as different than other types of Oriental carpets. Iran's rich history--its place as a cradle of world civilization, role in world trade during the Middle Ages, and the influence of several religious traditions such as Islam and Zoroastrianism--have all merged to make Persian rugs some of the most desirable and intriguing carpets in the world. If you are {considering|interested in| buying a legitimate Persian rug, but aren't sure how or where to begin, contact Rugs By Saga to talk about your Arnold home or office's rug needs today. Our staff has several decades of combined experience buying and selling rugs to Arnold, MO residents like yourself, and we proudly offer complimentary in-home consultations so that we can properly get to know our customers and what they want in a rug.

What Makes Persian Rugs Different

Most Persian rugs use a unique style of knotting that sets them apart from other varieties of Oriental rugs. It is occasionally called the "Senneh" knot, after a town in Iran highly regarded for its role in rug-making history. As opposed to the usual "Turkish" knot, a Persian knot is only wrapped around a single warp (the thick cotton threads that run the length of the pile) and passed behind an adjacent warp. This splits the two ends of the yarn between the two warps: usual knots have both end of the yarn come out between two warps.

The vast majority of Persian rug designs trace their beginnings back to the Safavid dynasty, which reigned over Iran in the 1500s. These sultans brought Shia Islam to Persia, became huge backers of the arts, and crucially grew trade between Persia and Europe. Rugs were seen as major diplomatic gifts, and a large number of these carpets now hang in museums. While mechanization, changes in traditional rural lifestyles, and the Iranian Revolution have threatened the Persian rug industry, in recent times the practice of rug making has thrived, with more distinctive and contemporary designs being produced along with traditional patterns.

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Rugs by Saga has been the top destination for Arnold residents looking for authentic, handmade Persian rugs in Arnold, MO for almost 20 years. The hand-crafted, eye-catching design of each of our rugs is remarkable, and the distinctive details of each of our rugs will leave you wanting to learn more about our rug selection process. Our veteran rug specialists hand-pick each of our rugs, and hold each rug to a strict quality and authenticity standard to guarantee that when you buy a Persian, Modern, or Pakistani rug from Rugs by Saga, you can rest assured that it's hand-crafted, premium quality, and if properly cared for, will last for long into the future.

If you are in the market for a luxury rug, but are not certain if a Persian rug is the right style for your Arnold, MO home, Rugs by Saga offers a wide variety of other types of Oriental rugs, including:

Our Oriental rugs are 100% handmade, and if treated correctly, can last for many years. When you purchase one of our imported rugs, it's sure to become the centerpiece of any room that it's placed in. Our luxury rugs are the perfect choice for any room, whether it's in your home, office, or an event space. Below are several examples of our one-of-a-kind Oriental rugs:

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Looking for a premium-quality, hand-knotted Persian rug? Our Oriental rug store has sold dazzling luxury rugs to Arnold residents for 20 years. Our rug specialists know that you are looking for a distinctive rug for your home, and that it might be difficult for you to pick just one from our vast selection of Persian rugs. Rugs by Saga is ready to discuss your rug needs, assist you in choosing the perfect rug, and schedule the complimentary delivery and installation of your unique rug in Arnold, MO as soon as possible. For more details on our hand-crafted, high-quality Persian rugs, contact Rugs by Saga today to book an appointment at our showroom, located just east of Highway 141 in Manchester.

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