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Woven Rug Cottleville, MO. Rugs have the ability to reflect history – to bring a cultural richness to any space – perhaps more so than any other features in your Cottleville, MO home. That may be due to the fact that very few crafts have such a strong foundation to their ancestry as a woven rug. In an age where processes, sometimes even arts, are increasingly automated, streamlined, and refined, it’s uncommon to see any industry where individuals or businesses aren’t working quicker and more efficiently. It’s unfortunate when it comes to the art of the woven rug, as efficiency and speed don’t always equal flawlessness.

The woven rugs at Rugs by Saga are simpy that: flawless. We have the widest array of authentic woven rugs in Cottleville, MO and the Greater St. Louis area. Machine-made, power loom methods have tried to replicate the ancient art of handweaving rugs, but the shortcuts and shortcomings are obvious. Thankfully, handwoven rugs continue to be highly sought-after home frills.

Call our Cottleville, MO woven rug experts now at 636-227-8555 or contact us online. We provide complimentary in-home trials, to make sure your woven rug looks great in your Cottleville, MO space, along with no-cost delivery and installation anywhere in the Cottleville, MO area.

Why Should I Buy a Woven Rug in Cottleville, MO?

Woven rugs are one of the most desired types of rugs in Cottleville, MO. They are also extremely cozy and appealing. Rugs are definitely the most useful component in adorning your Cottleville, MO home and laying the foundation of decor of a room or office. There are several benefits to integrating a woven rug into your office, home, or event space in Cottleville, MO, including:

  • Increased value: As opposed to factory- or machine-made rugs, our Cottleville, MO woven rugs only boost in value. A well-made rug has 100-400 hand-tied knots per square inch (KPI), so it is built to last and will just become increasingly rare. Additional ways to inspect for quality, authenticity, and value in a Cottleville, MO woven rug include:
  • Longevity: These beauties will not decay like their machine-made counterparts, because our Cottleville, MO woven rugs are assembled throughout the world with no glue or adhesives, and can withstand half-centuries in high-traffic spots like the entryway or living room of your Cottleville, MO home.
  • Easy Maintenance in Cottleville, MO: You can easily keep your prized possession looking brand new due to the fact that handwoven rugs are made with natural materials for generations and generations in Cottleville, MO.
  • Eco-Friendly in Cottleville, MO: No chemicals or synthetic fibers and dyes are employed to make woven rugs. They pose no threat to your health and are 100 percent organic.

Along with our woven rug inventory, Rugs by Saga offers the following products to our Cottleville, MO neighbors:

What Kinds of Woven Rugs Do You Have Near Cottleville, MO?

The professional woven rug specialists at Rugs by Saga have decades of combined experience near Cottleville, MO and are dedicated to teaching you the worth and the world of woven rugs. Our inventory is unrivaled in Cottleville, MO and the Greater St. Louis region, and comes from all over the world. Types of woven rugs at our storeroom near Cottleville, MO include:

Modern Woven Rugs

Modern rugs draw inspiration from both traditional and contemporary sources, bringing functionality to its fullest. They typically feature abstract, repetitive geometric patterns, or a plain, textured design. A Cottleville, MO space with a modern rug can have one of these key features and be accented with colorful fabrics and furniture with the alternate kinds of styles for an overall coordinated modern look. As an example, an abstractly designed rug can be coordinated or accented with a simple, plain leather couch with clean lines or geometric upholstered ottoman in Cottleville, MO. We stock a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes of modern rugs. Some examples in our inventory near Cottleville, MO, include:

Transitional Woven Rugs

The most versatile type of rugs, transitional pieces often do not have strong bold patterns which helps them blend well with upholstery fabrics of all types. And transitional rugs have elements of both the old and new. Transitional rugs can find a home in modern space or traditional space that is being updated with new colors and fabrics in Cottleville, MO. We carry a wide selection of woven transitional rugs near Cottleville, MO, including:

Afghani Woven Rugs

These are some of the most recognizable rugs in the world. Often, Afghani weaves are made in Afghanistan and shipped over the border to be sold and exported from Pakistan. Thus, a lot of these woven rugs may say "Made in Pakistan," which is a common misconception. It can be difficult to tell where certain rugs come from, and it's important to find a woven rug expert who can help. Don’t hesitate to contact the woven rug pros at Rugs By Saga or call us at 636-227-8555 for more information. We have the premier Afghani woven rug selection in Cottleville, MO and can’t wait to see you in our store near you in Cottleville, MO:

Indian Woven Rugs

Our woven rug specialists near Cottleville, MO are always on the lookout for new Indian rugs, because of their originality, color, quality, design, and durability. These rugs are finely woven and made with the highest quality materials. They feature bold colors and are often extremely large. Over 90 percent of woven rugs from India are exported. Examples of Indian rugs in our showroom near Cottleville, MO are:

Persian Woven Rugs

These are some of the most sought after rugs in the world. We have several Cottleville, MO customers who buy one Persian rug, and then send all of their friends our way. We really appreciate that, by the way. Oftentimes, we can’t keep them in stock near Cottleville, MO. The artistry of the rugs made in this area is truly second to none, and some take more than three years to make. Examples of the woven Persian rugs in our inventory are:

Pakistani Woven Rugs

You will certainly recognize one of our woven Pakistani rugs by the marvelous artistry and entirely natural vegetable dyes. Nearly our complete inventory of Pakistani rugs is handwoven near the Afghanistan border in Peshawar.

Traditional Woven Rugs

Traditional rugs will often have contradicting colors, typically with Oriental designs. A traditional Oriental rug will be a key feature of any Cottleville, MO room and it is best to decorate “from the ground up” when using one. Also, feel free to use our home decor specialists near you in Cottleville, MO. Oriental rugs with traditional patterns are considered timeless and the designs and colors can be found in antique, vintage, as well as contemporary pieces.

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Some FAQs Regarding Woven Rugs in Cottleville, MO

Rugs by Saga turned the lights on near Cottleville, MO in 2001 and our team has always been proud of our unmatched customer care and the value of our products. We are your first option for handmade woven rugs in Cottleville, MO and throughout the St. Louis area. Call us now at 636-227-8555 or reach out to us.

How Can I Tell If a Specific Cottleville, MO Rug is Woven?

The key to knowing if a rug is woven in Cottleville, MO, is to look at the back. A handmade, woven rug will have weaving and knots that are slightly different and not uniform. You might see some knots that are larger than others. Each knot will be individual, meaning if you cut one, only a single piece of thread would come out.

Will My Cottleville, MO Woven Rug Fade?

Our Cottleville, MO woven rugs will not fade. A large portion of the rug-making technique is the exceptional dying process and materials utilized to weave the rugs. The yarn is washed several times and, upon conclusion of the woven rug, that identical washing process is used. The very nature of handmade rugs gives them a unique pattern that includes disparities in color, shades, and hues. These variations, not fadings, are known as abrash, meaning rainbow or spectrum in Farsi.

Can I Vacuum My Woven Rug in Cottleville, MO?

Never use the base of your vacuum to clean woven rugs. Rather, utilize an add-on tool that doesn’t spin and move from side-to-side when vacuuming dirt and debris. Also, never employ the beater brush in Cottleville, MO. It will certainly reduce the pile each time and take years from your Cottleville, MO woven rug’s lifespan.

How Do I Clean My Cottleville, MO Woven Rug?

Woven rugs can be spot cleaned with a gentle, natural solution when stained in Cottleville, MO due to the fact that they are made from natural materials. Try to wash spills as soon as they happen. Following these easy steps can remove typical stains from your Cottleville, MO woven rug:

  1. Create a substance consisting of a teaspoon of mild detergent, a teaspoon of white vinegar, and two quarts of tepid water.
  2. Dip a cotton cloth in the solution and gently blot the stain.
  3. Repeat the dabbing until the stain is removed.
  4. Dry the area with a different clean towel.

Do I Need a Rug Pad in Cottleville, MO?

In just about every circumstance, a quality pad should be used under your Cottleville, MO woven rug to help avoid wear and slippage. Our woven rug specialists are happy to supply you with the ideal padding in Cottleville, MO. Give us a call at 636-227-8555 or contact us. The best rug pads are made from all-natural fibers that can resist wear and tear in Cottleville, MO, just like your new carpet. A few things to look for in a high-quality pad near Cottleville, MO are:

  • 100 percent wool felt
  • Natural rubber
  • Natural fibers, like jute

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Rugs by Saga is the top woven rug dealer in the Cottleville, MO area. We provide authentic, high-quality rugs to Cottleville, MO customers and interior designers throughout the St. Louis area, and we enjoy having their repeat business at our centrally located store. We supply no-cost, in-home trials or and consultations, in addition to complimentary installation and delivery.

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