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Area Rugs Lake St. Louis, MO. There’s no better way to illuminate a living space or office than with a chic area rug. Area rugs are more than just Lake St. Louis, MO home furnishings — they’re handy tools for any homeowner seeking to tie a room together. If your Lake St. Louis, MO den, bedroom, or office is missing something, a handmade area rug is the ideal solution.

Rugs By Saga is the leading destination for Lake St. Louis, MO interior decorators and homeowners looking to infuse style and purpose to their residences. We provide the Lake St. Louis, MO area’s best assortment of authentic, handmade area rugs, as well as complimentary in-home trials, delivery, and installation anywhere in Lake St. Louis, MO and the surrounding Metro area. Call our area rugs team now at 636-227-8555 or contact us here.

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Along with our impressive stock of authentic, handmade area rugs, we provide the following for our Lake St. Louis, MO neighbors:

Area Rugs: Perfect For Any Lake St. Louis, MO Home

We exhibit one-of-a-kind, distinctive area rugs for any decor in any room in your home, office, or event space. Accessible in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, our area rugs are perfect for any Lake St. Louis, MO home project. Area rugs accent rooms and protect floors, and have the capability to merge the rest of the room. Select a product that enriches an existing space or develop a room around a pattern that you like — the choice is yours. Area rugs are the ideal way to highlight your exclusive taste and style to friends, family, and visitors in Lake St. Louis, MO.

Most beneficially, you have the knowledgeable assistance from our Lake St. Louis, MO area rug experts, making it easier to choose products that fit your tastes and your finances. Your pleasure is our number one goal, giving you the opportunity to secure only the best in area rugs in Lake St. Louis, MO. Rugs by Saga collaborates with only the finest designers of area rugs, purchasing directly from them. This allows us to examine and verify that the rug you are buying is a handmade, authentic Oriental rug. But, even more importantly, it means that we can alleviate any and all middlemen and pass along the savings to you. When you shop at Rugs By Saga, you can be assured that you are receiving the ultimate combination of quality, service, and value. Our stock of area rugs near Lake St. Louis, MO comes from all over the world, including:

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Area Rugs: A Tradition of Quality Near Lake St. Louis, MO

Crafting area rugs is a true artisan skill that has been practiced in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. In countries like Iran (formerly Persia), India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, rugs are hand-knotted using skills inherited from generation to generation. Wool, cotton, or silk is spun into yarn and then colored using organic vegetable dyes or plant extracts. The rugs are woven, which creates the warp (length-wise) strands. Yarn is then individually knotted around these warp strands, which helps make the baroque styles found in an Oriental rug. A weft strand is then placed across the width of the rug, which secures the knots in place and makes the pile. After months or even years of knitting, the rug is then finished with extra weaving and protection on the ends, trimmed to ensure an even pile length, and hand cleaned.

Hand-knotted area rugs are made solely by hand, without the use of machines. You can see if a rug is made by a human or a machine by examining the fringe, or “foundation.” There are major contrasts between handmade area rugs and hand-tufted or machine-made ones. It's our goal at Rugs By Saga to provide our Lake St. Louis, MO customers with the highest quality area rugs in Lake St. Louis, MO at an affordable price. Below, you can see some examples of the hand-knotted authentic area rugs we have in our store near Lake St. Louis, MO:

Area Rugs: Your Quality Team Near Lake St. Louis, MO

We believe in quality and authenticity. Major ways to look for area rug quality in Lake St. Louis, MO are:

The expert rug specialists at Rugs By Saga have years of combined experience and are driven to helping you purchase only the best Oriental area rugs in Lake St. Louis, MO. Our stock of Pakistani, Indian, Afghani, and Persian rugs is unmatched in the St. Louis area. If you're curious how a rug will fit in alongside your furniture and home decor in Lake St. Louis, MO, we provide free in-home consultations so you can see for yourself how a rug can be the perfect exclamation point to any room.

How Do I Care For My Area Rug In Lake St. Louis, MO?

Every rug has character and a story, and our staff will show you you why certain rugs are the right fit for your Lake St. Louis, MO home. We also know that an area rug should be an investment for the future. Our area rugs team believes that performing the following steps regularly will make sure that your rug withstands the rigors of Lake St. Louis, MO daily life, and keep it looking pristine for your great-great grandchildren:


Much like most carpeting, Lake St. Louis, MO Oriental area rugs should be vacuumed on a consistent schedule to remove debris and help rejuvenate life to the fibers. Be cautious not to vacuum the fringes. Use your vacuum tools to reach under the furniture to avoid moth damage.


Every 12 months, your Lake St. Louis, MO area rug should be rotated to guarantee even wear. If foot traffic is excessive, rotation may be needed more often, less often if traffic is limited.

Professional Cleaning

The beauty and longevity of your Lake St. Louis, MO Oriental area rug depends largely on cleanliness and care. Depending on the amount of traffic, we recommend a professional cleaning every 3 years. Never steam clean or clean Oriental area rugs with chemicals.


We will be happy to provide you with the correct padding. In most circumstances, a quality pad should be used under your Lake St. Louis, MO area rug to help prevent it from wear and slippage.


In case of damage, almost every question has an answer in Lake St. Louis, MO. Old and antique area rugs on occasion need to be rewoven where tattered and rejuvenated, brought back to life. Our Lake St. Louis, MO area rug specialists are happy to assist you with any restoration plans. Call us at 636-227-8555 or 636-227-8555 or contact us to talk it over.

Spot Cleaning

When spills happen, get to them quickly. Dilute with plenty of water and blot the wet area until all of the moisture is removed. For solid spills, take a spoon and carefully scoop up the material. The aforementioned steps will help you evade the majority of stains.

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Rugs By Saga is the prominent provider of area rugs in Lake St. Louis, MO. Our rugs are handmade and can last for decades if properly cared for, as opposed to the machine-made rugs sold by some competitors that continuously shed and fall apart in a couple years. We offer complimentary in-home trials, free delivery and installation anywhere in the Lake St. Louis, MO area, and guarantee the authenticity and quality of every rug we sell. Contact us today for more information or stop by our showroom, conveniently located near Lake St. Louis, MO.

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