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Handwoven Rugs in Frontenac, MO. Rugs By Saga has been the premier choice of Frontenac residents searching for high-quality, handwoven rugs in Frontenac, MO, for more than two decades. Our premium rugs are directly sourced from countries around the world and meet strict quality standards and scrutinous authenticity checks by our own rug experts that put together have more than 60 years' experience.

A handwoven rug is truly a piece of art that offers character and class to your living room, office, or dining room. With plush, luxurious pile and weave, intricate designs that tell a story and highlight the traditions of its native country, and vivid colors, a handwoven rug is the ideal way to show friends and visitors your own taste and style. There truly is no replacing an authentic, hand-crafted area rug, and each rug we sell is selected to last for years.

Our goal at Rugs By Saga is to provide premier, ethically-sourced handwoven rugs in Frontenac that can bring beauty to people's houses for years to come with proper care. Every rug in our luxury showroom comes with free delivery and installation performed by our own rug experts with the highest in care. Our luxury handwoven rugs feature bright dyes and exquisite patterns. For more information on buying a handwoven rug in Frontenac, MO or to find out about our luxury handwoven rug store, call (636) 227-8555 to schedule a personalized consultation at Rugs By Saga.

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What Separates A Hand-Woven Rug From A Machine-Made Rug?

The differences between a factory-made Oriental rug and an artisanal, handwoven rug are many. When our rug experts select pieces for our Frontenac luxury rug showroom, there are multiple essential elements that they identify, including, but not limited to:

  • Even, consistent patterns featured on both the front and back of a rug. Machine-woven rugs often have a pattern-break, while handwoven artisan rugs are carefully woven. When looking to see if a rug is handwoven, authentic handmade rugs feature deeper levels of dye and more distinct patterns on the underside. Machine-woven rugs are often much more consistent in regard to both weave pattern and color when reversed.

  • Thick, firmly-rooted fringe knots of various sizes. The fringe on machine-made rugs is typically glued on or individually woven, but authentic Oriental rugs feature durable and consistent weaving throughout. Take a look at the fringe of a rug to see whether it is consistently applied and tightly knotted. If you can see that it is loose or part of a standard "end-piece", you can easily tell that your Oriental rug is not a genuine, handwoven area rug, but rather a mass-produced, machine-made rug.

  • The materials used in the rug. Authentic, handwoven rugs are made out of durable, yet luxurious materials such as organic cotton and silk, while machine-made rugs are generally made out of polyester and similar materials. While these materials may cost less and found easier, they will not last anywhere near as long as a hand-crafted rug made with premium materials. Consider buying a rug like buying a pair of shoes: would you rather spend more money up-front and have a product that is well-made and will last for years, or save some money right now but know you will need a new rug in a few years?

Below are some examples of our handwoven rugs in Frontenac:

There are various different types of genuine, handwoven rugs featured in the Rugs By Saga luxury rug showroom in Frontenac, MO, including Persian rugs and Afghani rugs. Rugs have been produced for millenia by master craftsmen all around Asia. The unique culture, heritage, and history of each country is embodied in the pattern of its carpets. No two area rugs are exactly alike, and our rug specialists are here to welcome you to the wonderful world of imported, handwoven area rugs. Here you can find a few examples of authentic handwoven rugs on display in our rug showroom in Frontenac:

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Oriental rugs can change the look and feel of a space and add a sense of timelessness and luxury. If you are searching for a handwoven rug, Rugs By Saga is the premier handwoven rug store in Frontenac, MO. Our genuine, premium handwoven rugs are proven to last for years with the right care and are sure to enliven your home, office, or whatever space they are placed in.

The veteran Frontenac rug dealers at Rugs by Saga are here to take you through the entire process of finding and buying an imported, handwoven area rug. We get that buying an imported rug is a major purchase and that you want to find the exact, correct rug for your house. We offer free in-home consultations to get a feel for your decor and to see what would work best for you. In addition, you can try out one or more preferred rugs in your home to see how it would work in your preferred space. Once you have chosen a handwoven rug, we offer all our Frontenac customers free delivery and installation, and give them comprehensive carpet-care advice so that their imported rug will be a valued addition to their home for years to come.

Are you not certain about what rug will work best for you? Our rug specialists are eager to help you find the best handwoven rugs for each customers' space and will go above and beyond to find the perfect handwoven rug in Frontenac for a hallway, office, or den. If you are interested in finding out about our handwoven rug store in Frontenac, MO, or want to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our in-house rug specialists, call (636) 227-8555 or contact Rugs By Saga today.

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