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Rug Dealers in University City, MO. If you are in the market for hand-crafted and genuine rugs, Rugs by Saga is the best place to look for them in the University City area. Stylish, decorative,yet functional, an area rug will add flair to a room and protect wooden floors and carpeting. Our inventory of Modern, Persian, Pakistani, Indian, Afghani, and other rugs from around the world are all hand-knotted and authentic. We procure our rugs direct from international markets so you can be sure you are purchasing a genuine, high-quality area rug at a price you would not expect.

, you can expect expert opinions from our University City rug dealers that will help you choose the right rug for your needs. Rugs by Saga offers in-home trials that allow you to see how a rug will look in your particular space, and let you determine what does and doesn't work for you. Our handmade area rugs come from around the world, and range from traditional Oriental carpets that make a statement to transitional rugs that serve more as an accent to the design of your room. Contact us now to learn more about free delivery and installation in the University City area on every rug we sell, or visit our showroom in Manchester to see our broad inventory of area rugs in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Rugs by Saga is your premium rug dealer.

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Our store is University City's premier provider of rugs from across the globe. It's our mission at Rugs by Saga to assist our customers in finding the perfect rug. In our store, we stock rugs from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and India, amongst other countries. In addition to more traditional patterns that display the rich carpet-making history of these countries, we also are aware that many of our customers may want a more modern addition to their room. Accordingly, we stock a great variety of transitional and modern rug styles. The designs and colors of these rugs range from the complementary and subtle to the unique and avant-garde--all while maintaining the high level of artisan craftsmanship you demand from an imported area rug. Please contact our University City, MO rug dealers today for more details about our offerings.

Don't worry if you've never looked at rugs previously. Our rug experts are here to help you select the optimal rug for your University City, MO home or business. We will understand what you're looking for in terms of design, pattern, and color, and help you find out what works best for you from our wide inventory. Rugs by Saga has hundreds of modern and Oriental rugs for University City customers to choose from, so if you or a friend is thinking about purchasing an area rug, visit our store in Manchester today.

Artisanally hand-made, our inventory of Oriental rugs is made to accent any room in your office or home. You can even view the rug as it would look in your chosen space before making a purchase, for free. We offer free shipping and installation to all our University City, MO customers. Since we know that buying an imported area rug is a major purchase, we offer complete rug- and carpet-care instructions to our University City customers to make sure that their rug will be an important addition to their home for years to come.

You can shop at Rugs by Saga knowing that you will be getting a hand-crafted, authentic area rug. We source our rugs direct from artisan carpetmakers in Asia and the Indian subcontinent, where rugs have been made according to traditional methods for centuries. This heritage of hand-crafted quality is present in every rug we sell. Additionally, since we remove the middle-men, we can sell you the finest area rugs at a price you may not expect.

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Expect a premium shopping experience when you come to Rugs by Saga. Our crew of rug experts has years of experience serving University City customers and can assist you in finding the right rug for your University City, MO home. It's key to do your homework before buying a rug as each region makes them in their own way. It is also critical to take proper care of your area rugs. Our veteran staff will educate you on rug cleaning tips to ensure your rug lasts well into the future, and can answer all your questions on what makes, for instance, a rug from India different from an Afghani rug.

Rugs by Saga's inventory of hand-made, authentic rugs is among the best in the St. Louis metro area. For 20 years, we've served University City homeowners with pride, and are pleased to be one of the University City area's premier rug shops. As experienced rug dealers, it's our goal to offer total customer satisfaction. We invite you to view what some of our previous customers have had to say about their experience buying a rug from the team at Rugs By Saga.

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Shopping for authentic, hand-made area rugs? Talk to our University City, MO rug dealers today or come by our showroom, located off Highway 141 in Manchester. We've sold premium rugs for 20 years and have the knowledge and experience you need to select the perfect rug. Contact Rugs by Saga today to learn more about our vast collection of hand-crafted area rugs.

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